Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Genella & Eric

If I had to sum this wedding up in one word it would have to be glamorous! or fun, or incredible or okay... maybe I can't sum it up in just one word. What an amazing affair the wedding of Genella & Eric turned out to be! The coordinators at Top Shelf Weddings & Events really put together some beautiful details for this wedding and reception at the Overture Center. From the candle lit ceremony to the lighting design of the reception this wedding was definitely glamorous. I simply couldn't limit my sneak peek to only a handful of images... there were just too many to choose from.
Eric & Genella both currently live in Arizona so most all of the wedding party and guests traveled to Madison. This is what I love about my job.. I get to meet people from Mississippi, New Orleans, New York and on and on... What an amazing network of friends and family this couple has supporting them and their marriage! They are so truly blessed. Eric & Genella I hope you had a wonderful time in Jamaica and enjoy your sneak peek....

Meeting for the first time prior to the ceremony.... love their expressions!

This group could dance! Oh my gosh... I felt like I was shooting a music video most of the night rather then photographing a wedding:)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Megan & Rob

What a beautiful day for a wedding! Not too hot, not too cold.. just ideal weather. It was almost exactly one year ago now that I first met Megan & Rob. What a treat to see their wedding day had finally arrived. It was obvious from the beginning that Megan is a planner.. very organized and very much into details. So it should have come as no surprise that she would have not only a timeline for the day.. but a timeline spreadsheet that told everyone just where they needed to be and when. I love detailed planning, it makes everything go so much more smoothly! Unfortunately though, I think the groomsmen gave her more then her fair share of razing if we ever decided to deviate from the itinerary. In the end though everyone was to the church on time for a beautiful ceremony that ended with a Mr. & Mrs. To end things off perfectly the evening had a gorgeous full moon in the sky.... a perfect end to a delightful reception at the Monona Terrace.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Megan & Alberto

The following Friday I joined Megan & Alberto for what looked as though it was going to be a beautiful day. Unfortunately the clouds took a turn for the worse... and just as we finished the ceremony and were ready to outside for some photos. Luck was not on our side! Instead of fighting it, we went with it. I grabbed some umbrellas from my truck and we headed out on to the golf course. These turned out to be some of my favorites. Considering I heard more then one person humming a little "Singing in the Rain" I think they were having a good time too! Or perhaps that was just the Peruvian liquer we enjoyed as our wedding favor....

I just loved Megan's engagement ring.

Congratulations Arianne & Joe

Okay, I admit it... I am a blog slacker:( I'm so sorry for all those of you anxiously checking back for a sneak peek. I have been so busy with sessions lately and a couple of weekends with two wedding instead of the usual one that I've fallen a bit behind. So my apologies. I have to send out some love to all of my recent newlyweds. I've had some incredible weddings lately.. I only wish I could get caught up enough to share them all with you!

First up is Arianne & Joe. The weather did NOT cooperate for these two.... but it didn't change our plans one bit. Arianne was determined to get her outdoor pictures and that's just what we did. There were a lot of last minute umbrella removals but in the end their determination was so worth it. An absolutely gorgeous couple who had so much fun with their day. From the musical selections to the crowd of toddlers that led them down the aisle with their handmade batons, the weather was definitely not going to rain on this parade!