Friday, April 25, 2008

Amanda & Brian

They say that rain on your wedding day will bring years of good luck.... well then Amanda & Brian are two people you will definitely want with you on your next trip to Vegas. The clouds were thick and there was a constant mist in the air. Yet when the ceremony started the clouds separated and the sun peeked through as if to send it's own best wishes to the bride & groom.

A few rain showers certainly weren't going to ruin Amanda & Brian's spirits or the spirits of their families. This wedding was definitely all about family. This amazing couple is blessed with one of the most tightly knit, supportive families I have ever witnessed. Not only were Amanda & Brian beaming with excitement on their wedding day... each and every one of their family members was bursting with the same positive energy. Amanda's brother performed the wedding ceremony. It was as you can imagine a very personal and touching service. Not to be out done, Brian's entire family young and old worked together to toast Amanda and welcome her to the family.... definitely one of the cutest toasts I've ever seen. Like I said.. this wedding was all about family. Congratulations Amanda & Brian. Thank you for allowing me to spend a day as a member of your incredible families!

This photo makes me giggle! I just love it!! This is Brian's mom... just two seconds before Brian was walking her in for the processional. As soon as they reached the front of the church she was on her news grabbing photos of the wedding! Definitely a woman who shares my addiction to photos:)

The bride & groom presented their parents with flowers during the ceremony. I can only imagine how difficult this moment was for Amanda as her father is no longer with them... but the bond she shares with her mother is so beautiful.

Looking at Brian though Amanda was all smiles :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cutie Patooties!

So once again I find myself behind on blogging.... life just gets in the way sometimes! The past few weeks have been all about the little ones. Although most of these sessions have already been proofed for the proud parents I still wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorites with you. These cutie patooties are just too precious not to share!

First up is sweet baby "M". This beauty had the most intense eyes.... not surprising I suppose considering her gorgeous parents. Miss "M" was determined not too miss a moment of my visit! Feeding, cuddling, rocking... she fought hard, but in the end we were able to get a few sleeping photos.

Next up is our birthday boy "N". I was lucky enough to work with mom & dad a few years ago on their wedding day. What a treat it was to see them again as a family. They are such an incredible family... so full of energy and vibrancy. I don't think N stopped smiling the whole time!

Last but certainly not least we have the adorable Mr. "W". I fell in love with his baby blues and all of his chubby little rolls. Don't these cheeks just scream at you for a little squeeze? He is definitely a ladies man :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Madison Premier......

Yesterday Aaron and I attended an advance screening of a new movie called "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". As you probably already know.. I LOVE the movies! So it was just a given that when offered free tickets I would definitely be attending.

Let me just say this movie is hysterical!! If you liked "Knocked Up!" then you will really enjoy this film. I personally think writing a comedy or doing stand-up is one of the hardest things anyone could try to do. Too often even a decent comedy is so predictable that you loose some of the spontaneous humor. This film had so many unexpected moments that had me just rolling. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard during one scene... just wait until you hear the lead character perform his song for the first time in front of strangers. Too funny! I'm no Ebert or Roeper but I would certainly give it two thumbs up... definitely worth the $8 if your looking for a good flick this rainy weekend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Angela & Trent

Now this is what spring feels like! Beautiful blue skies, a light breeze and temperatures that reached into the 60s. Absolutely the perfect setting for a wedding. Add to that a young couple head over heels in love, a group of warm and welcoming families, and finally a beautiful garden backdrop and you have a recipe for success. I truly could not have asked for a better start to the wedding season. Angela & Trent opted to see each other before the ceremony which allowed us some extra time for photographs. This wedding party was game for all of my crazy suggestions... throw our bouquets in the air? Sure!! It was so easy working with this group... and it certainly didn't hurt that they were all adorable. :)

Angela & Trent it was such a pleasure working with the two of you. Thank you for welcoming Karen and I into your lives on such an incredible day. We had so much fun!

Angela is just stunning!

Trent's not too shabby either :)

Karen grabbed this beautiful shot.... Don't I look graceful!

And here's the shot I was taking at the time......

There were two adorable flower girls at this wedding and they kept lovingly referring to Angela as Cinderella... with that in mind I can only imagine what she's thinking here.....

Dance off!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Off-Killter band photos...

Recently I had the opportunity to do a different type of photo shoot.. something a little edgier and so much fun! Meet the boys of Off-Killter. Off-Killter is a great local band who will be releasing their very first cd this weekend. They had me tag along a few weeks ago to grab some shots for their cd cover and for promotional use. I had so much fun trying out some new ideas... not to mention they gave me a sneak peek at the finished album and it is awesome. They are kind of a mix of rock, punk and alternative. They have some great covers in their line up but what I really enjoyed was their original tracks... some great lyrics here. If your looking for something to do this Saturday you should definitely consider checking them out. The show is Saturday April 12th at the Annex... Off Killter starts around 10:00. If you want to listen to some samples of their music here is a link to their myspace page.