Friday, November 23, 2012

Betsy & Andrew- Married!

I am so blessed to have worked with Betsy and her family in the past at her sister Debbie's wedding. They are so sweet and welcoming it's a joy every time I get to see them again. Andrew is no exception.. he fits in perfectly, the missing puzzle piece that you didn't even know was ever not there to begin with.

  Unfortunately for Andrew and Betsy their wedding day did not start out quite the way they had planned. Andrew's mom ended up in the hospital just a few days before the wedding and Betsy's father was terribly ill the day of the wedding. For some couples one event would have been enough to send them into a wedding day meltdown.. let alone two. Betsy and Andrew handled it like true champs choosing to make the best of the situation and focus on what was truly important.. their love for one another. Through the use of a strategically placed ipad on the altar Andrew's parents were able to witness their son as he said "I do"... and Betsy's father pale, and exhausted was able to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle. This was definitely a wedding where I found myself thankful for autofocus... it was hard not to tear up for the couple who would smile at each other with such tenderness all day long. Andrew and Betsy... LOVE you two to pieces!  Enjoy your sneak peek.


Note the ipad on the altar?? 


Betsy's uncle took his role as chauffeur very seriously... And I LOVED him for that very reason!


The fall colors that day were AMA-ZING!



Dancing with dad... he was such a trooper!

Thank you Betsy for indulging my ideas... LOVE this one!

What was the most memorable part of your day?

Betsy: My father was terribly ill all through the night before the wedding and nobody knew if he was going to make it to the ceremony.  My most memorable part of the day was standing in the entryway of the church just before the ceremony and peaking around the corner to see my dad sitting there, a cup of water in his hand, white as a ghost, waiting to walk me down the aisle.
Andrew: My parents were unable to attend the wedding and I was overjoyed that me and my brother were able to use Skype so that our parents were able to witness the ceremony.

What is your funniest memory from your wedding day?

Betsy: As part of the formal wedding ceremony, the priest asked if Betsy and Andrew were getting married of her and his our own free will.  I said yes, but Andrew said, “that’s what I was told”.
Andrew: During the ceremony, the priest commented that I had very nice eyes.  So, at the reception, my friends requested “In Your Eyes” from the DJ.

Any advice you’d share for future couples getting married?

Betsy: Don’t stress over every little detail – it will come together in the end.  In the end, all it matters is that you’re married.
Andrew: Elope.

Would you change anything about your day if you could?

That Andrew’s mother hadn't been in the hospital, that his parents had been able to attend the wedding, and that Betsy’s father hadn't been terribly ill.

What songs did you use for your:

First Dance: At Last (Etta James)
Father/Daughter Dance: My Little Girl (Tim Mc Graw)
Grand March: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Where did you go (or are you going) for your Honeymoon?

Door County, WI, to hit the little shops and enjoy the fall colors.

How did you two meet?

Andrew and Betsy met first in college, where Betsy stole Andrew’s seat in a psychology class and Andrew complained the whole time. The second time Andrew and Betsy met was when Andrew trained Betsy after she started a new job at a mental health program.

How long have you been dating?

6 years

Who were your Vendors?

Florist: Aztalan Fields
Videographer: Visual Productions
Reception Site: CentralCoast

Any great vendor experiences to share?

Aggie with Aggie’s Specialty Cakes was very accommodating and provided cakes which everyone enjoyed.
Mary with Aztalan Fields provided excellent creative input and was very easy to work with.

Father Tom Coyle was very warm and supportive, especially when learning that Andrew’s mother was ill.  He was helpful and generous in allowing Andrew and Betsy to use the iPad of Andrew’s brother to Skype Andrew’s parents to witness the ceremony.

Jennifer and Courtney with Angelic Angles Photography were highly creative in their artistic expression not only through traditional wedding photos, but especially through Jennifer’s non-traditional wedding photos.  Jennifer and Courtney were very generous with their time and maintained a positive energy despite the cold temperatures during outside photos and long hours.  In short, Jennifer and Courtney were a pleasure to work    with, went above and beyond, and brought considerably creativity – which made Andrew and Betsy look good!