Friday, January 18, 2008

The Younger Crowd

With all of the craziness of the past few weeks I've really fallen behind on blogging anything other then weddings. While I absolutely love photographing weddings it is far from the only thing that I shoot. When I have such adorable clients as the ones you see here it just seems wrong to not share these beauties with all of you. So here are just a handful of the wonderful clients I have had the pleasure of working with recently.
First up is also the very youngest of the group. At all of 10 days old here is little Ella. I have worked with Ella's parents and even some of her extended family in the past so it was a real treat to see them again. .. and with a sweet face like this I hardly wanted to leave:) Newborn sessions are always a little challenging but the rewards are so great, what a magical time to be able to document for a family. And when I get to hold one of these adorable little bundles it's an even bigger treat! :)


Next up is four month old Brynn. This little beauty was so much fun to work with... hardly made a peep the whole session. I wish I could bottle a little of her patience for all of my sessions cause she really was a dream. Love the girlie details... pretty in pink.

Oscar celebrated his first birthday just shortly before Christmas. He was definitely a mover and a shaker! He had learned to walk just about a week before our appointment so he really made me work. With only a week under his belt he had definitely mastered the art of speed walking! To officially document Oscar's birthday we did the last part of our session with a birthday cake. This is a new service I am now offering for our one year portrait sessions. (There is a small additional fee to cover the cost of the cake and clean up.) If you are interested in adding on this feature to a session be sure to email or call the studio for more details.

Last but definitely not least is my adorable nephew Jaden. Many of you commented on his 7 month photos with the rubber ducks. You can see that photo here Can you believe that he is now a year old? I can't believe sometimes how quickly time flies! I unfortunately missed his very first birthday party since his birthday fell on the WP&G weekend. So it was a real treat to have him in the studio again for some one year photos. And yes... before you all email and ask... we did do a cake session with Jaden as well.

I call this one "the thinker"... contemplating all the trials and tribulations of his first year.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jessica & David

Wow... What a weekend! With the Wedding Planner & Guide Show and a wedding on Saturday, my back has definitely seen better days! It was all worth it though, a couple of advil Monday and I'm back in business. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth this past weekend to check us out. A great big thank you to Karen & Karmen for covering for me Saturday. If you've been following my blog recently then you already knew that I couldn't be at the WP&G show Saturday because I had to photograph Jessica & David's wedding. Remember how I said I just knew this was going to be a fabulous wedding?!?! Well I was sooo right on the money. This was the perfect wedding to start off 2008.
First off Jessica & David are a gorgeous couple... absolutely stunning.... and man did they work it. I had so many favorites I had to edit myself so that this post didn't become three pages long! I actually went to college with David so I knew that with his art background I could go to extremes with any new ideas I wanted to try. What troopers these two were... wandering around downtown and in the middle of snowy fields all in the name of great photos! Not once did either of them complain about the cold. The romance between this couple is so apparent and I am so honored to have been able to document that for them. Jessica & David thanks again for a wonderful day... I had a blast! Enjoy your sneak peek....

The beautiful flowergirl and Jessica's daughter - B

I told you they were working it!

Steamy... love this... Favorite!

I have to give props to the Best Man. It's tough following a tearful Maid of Honor... but when you have to follow a Maid of Honor and the daughter of the Bride.... that's really a hard act to follow!

The father - daughter dance....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wisconsin Woman

Nearly every wedding I photograph I will meet at least one wedding guest who is determined to turn the tables - and grab a photograph of the photographer. If you have never seen me in action then you'll just have to take my word for it when I say I'm pretty quick on my feet... so I usually do a pretty good job of dodging these wedding paparazzi. When I got the call from Wisconsin Woman magazine asking me if I would be interviewed for a young entrepreneurs article I'm afraid my feet must have fallen asleep. I was genuinely touched and definitely jumping around excited when Nicole Relyea (the writer of the article) contacted me. However, the thought of posing for a photograph never even entered my mind. When I learned a photograph would be needed my stomach dropped, my heart raced... what a surreal experience to be the one in front of the camera! Going through the experience just as my clients do... wondering if she got anything good, wondering if I look as bad as I think I do, wondering how I can bribe her to photoshop all my flaws to perfection! :) A big thank you to Amy Lynn Schereck for being so easy to work with. And my apologies to the employees of Cub Foods... they must have thought I was a crazy woman when I finally saw my article on the stands... dancing around with excitement in the midst of the grocery carts! Sorry, just couldn't contain myself!! So have you all seen the article yet... what do you think?

Wedding Planner & Guide Show

I am very excited to say that Angelic Angles Photography will be participating in this years winter Wedding Planner & Guide Show! Stop by and visit us this Saturday and Sunday at the Alliant Energy Center. The show is set to take place Saturday from 10-5 and again Sunday from 11-5. Whether your just starting to research wedding vendors or your nearing the end of your plans... there will certainly be something for everyone, not to mention free cake samples:)
As I said before I'm very excited to say we are participating in this years show. Although we have advertised in the book for several years now we have been on a long waiting list to actually participate in the weekend show. As luck would have it I had already booked a wedding for January 12th before we found out the news that our time on the waiting list had ended. I will be photographing what is certain to be a fabulous wedding for Jessica & David this Saturday. My associates Karen and Karmen will be at the show Saturday and are happy to answer any and all questions you might have. I will be at the show all day Sunday if you'd like to meet with me personally. New this year... your entrance fee is good for both days! So stop by Saturday to check things out and then come back Sunday for even more wedding details. Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Angela & Adam

Following the incredible snowstorm Friday, Karen and I met up Saturday morning for the wedding of Angela & Adam. What a treat this wedding was! From the moment we arrived there was an electricity in the air that was contagious. While we were photographing the girls getting ready I couldn't help feeling like a 10 year old on Christmas morning.. their energy was just that overwhelming.
Angela could hardly stop smiling while we were shooting some casual portraits. As you can see from the selections below though.. she definitely fell into things later on. These two worked the camera! From the moment I began Angela & Adam were up for anything. I truly appreciate it when I receive that level of trust from a couple right from the start.... it opens up the door for so many more creative options. I've only know Angela & Adam for a few months now but I'm guessing they must be trusted dearly by their friends and family. How else would you convince four bridesmaids in tea length dresses that outdoor portraits in December is a good idea?! Thanks girls for being such great sports! Angela & Adam we had a blast working with the two of you..... LOVE to you both.

See... I told you she couldn't stop smiling:)

Are you kidding me?!?! FAVORITE!

Angela's father gave a beautiful toast complete with lots of embarrassing stories:)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Heidi & Alan

Can you believe the holidays are officially over? I swear Christmas snuck up so fast on me this year that I still can't full comprehend that they are over! Hopefully you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends. Aaron and I thoroughly enjoyed some much needed quiet time alone with our friends and family. It was absolutely heavenly... but by the 28th I was back out shooting again.
Any one who's ever visited my home this time of year already knows I love the holidays... give me a radio station of all Christmas tunes and I'm in heaven. So it's a given that I adore photographing holiday weddings. All those twinkle lights everywhere and you can still feel the cheerfulness of Christmas in the air. Heidi and Alan's wedding was a perfect example of all that I love about this time of year... and unfortunately... also the one detail I don't care for..... snow storms. What a crazy sense of humor mother nature has - but what an incredible backdrop for your wedding! My fingers were frozen, along with my windshield.. and my knuckles were white from the driving that day but once I was home and began to edit the images from this wedding I was so thankful for the incredible beauty of the day. I had so many favorites from this wedding it was hard to narrow it down to the few you see here.
Heidi & Alan were the perfect couple for this wintry wedding... they are so beautiful inside and out that it just was a wonderful balance to the craziness of the weather. Heidi & Alan had planned a small intimate wedding of their closest family and friends. What incredible families these two have! By the end of the evening it felt like you were a member of the family... complete with all the nieces and nephews constantly dancing circles around you. It was truly a pleasure to be a member of this family... even if only for one evening. Congratulations Heidi & Alan and enjoy your sneak peek.

I just love this image of the flowergirls - Favorite!

Heidi's father gave a beautifully touching speech at the reception.
I'm a sucker for such touching moments between father & daughter:)