Friday, October 19, 2007

Jessica & Cynthia

When I first met Jessica & Cynthia nearly two years ago now, they were already knee deep in the plans for their wedding. Their excitement was incredibly addicting. It was evident after our first meeting that this would be an event like no other with attention paid to every detail of the day. Also evident that first day.. the commitment these two share for one another. Fast forward nearly 24 months and all that remains a constant. The love and devotion Jessica and Cynthia share for one another is truly inspiring. There was not a dry eye in the house. As they excited the church with giddy smiles of excitement I found even my own eyes wet with tears of joy for this beautiful couple.
The elaborate fall event Jessica and Cynthia planned turned into a late summer wedding of nearly 88 degrees. That certainly was not in the plans! Regardless of the temperature the fall inspired menu Bellini's created was fabulous. To make the mood complete Lucido Felice Quartet played some out of this world dinner music. If you have a need for a quartet I highly recommend you check this group out.. they are incredible. Not only did they play the classics beautifully for the ceremony, they also livened things up a bit at the reception with a little Dave Matthews, Queen and even a song or two by Metallica. Jessica & Cynthia congratulations again. It was truly a pleasure working with you and your families. Cynthia's father gave a wonderful speech about how he has learned so much about love from watching his daughter grow and her relationship with Jessica .... thank you both for including me in a brief lesson of my own.

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Anonymous said...

JA-You nail it everytime!!! Your brides are sooo lucky to have such a FAB photog and pics that ROCK! I need to be a bride again...of course, for the pictures only. St Lucia, here we come!