Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Megan & Aaron

I love fall weddings! The crisp air and the beautiful afternoon light that filters so perfectly through the amber, orange and yellow foliage. Megan & Aaron had what can only be described as a perfect fall wedding. You may recognize this adorable couple from a blog post about their engagement photos earlier this summer... http://blog.angelicangles.com/2007/06/megan-aaron.html I was delighted to find one of their engagement photos featured on not only their programs but also on their invitations. What an incredible compliment that was!
The personal elements Megan & Aaron brought to their wedding made the day so much fun. Even their puppy Tyson had some say in the festivities. They also had one of the most entertaining kissing games I have ever seen at a reception. Rather then the traditional tinking of the glasses they called upon their friends and family to do a little performance. Megan owns a dance studio in town, so it seemed perfectly fitting that in order to get the bride and groom to kiss the guests would have to don a pink tutu and turn a perfect piroet. I would so love to share those photos with you! Megan's father did offer me a substantial bribe though to keep his dance moves under wraps;) I'm sure it's just because he didn't want to show his daughter up on her wedding day! Megan & Aaron thanks for a wonderful day. You really made Karen and I feel like guests at a great party... I hope you had as much fun as we did!

Megan & her sister made thousands of these delicious candies...

Check out these centerpieces.. such a simple idea but what an impact they made on the ambience of the room.... gorgeous!

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