Friday, November 30, 2007

Jamie & Brian

Stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie Karen and I made the trip up to Fond du Lac for Jamie & Brian's wedding. The weather may have turned cold but this church was packed with the warmth of close friends and family. Brian's family is incredibly gifted in the music department and the service was filled with their personal touches. Even Brian himself offered a serenade to his new wife. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.
When I first met Jamie many months ago I knew she would be a gorgeous bride... but that turned out to be an understatement. She was absolutely stunning, and her personality is just icing on the cake. Brian certainly has hit the jackpot.
Their reception took place in the beautiful, historic Ramada Plaza Hotel. The architecture in this place was just breathtaking. I thanked Jamie for choosing such an exquisite location. To which Jamie replied... if you see any neat corners or areas you want to do some more photos in just let us know. Big mistake! She couldn't have melted my heart anymore then if she'd delivered that message with a bouquet of flowers attached:) This hotel was just screaming to be photographed.. and we definitely made the most of our options. Jamie & Brian thanks again for indulging my quirkiness. I was such a pleasure spending the day with you and your families.

Who knew my competition these days would be so young?

After lighting their unity candle Brian sang "Grow Old Along with Me" to his stunned bride.

Jamie's reaction to the surprise. Thanks to Beth for cluing me in on the surprise:)

One question I frequently get asked during meetings with newly engaged couples is whether or not I work with an assistant. My answer... sometimes. I work great alone. I can set up a scene much faster then I can verbalize what I want done to an assistant... it's become second nature. However there are benefits to a second shooter. When I'm working with an especially large bridal party or I know going into the wedding day that we have a time crunch I will usually bring along a second shooter. Beyond the expected advantages to an assistant there is also the benefit of a second shooters unique point of view. Below is my take on the location...

Here's Karen's.... I love how she placed the focus on their shadows.

Another shot from my perspective....

If you have already booked our studio for your 2008 wedding and would like to guarantee there is a second photographer for your day give me a call. I'd be happy to explain the pricing difference and advantages.


Jamie said...


These pictures are absolutely stunning... Brian and I just love everything we've seen so far and can't wait for the rest! Thanks to you and Karen so much for a wonderful day, and for capturing so many awesome memories... You guys are the best!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the "love" Jamie. It was such a treat working with the two of you:)