Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars!!!!!

I am a movie junkie! I say it loud and proud for all to hear. Blockbusters, Independents, Foreign Films.. I love them all. I even fancied myself an actress for a very short & embarrassing time in college:) Now a days I just find the movies to be an escape from the ordinary.. a chance to step into the life of someone different from myself. The Cinematography, costumes, camera angles.... I soak it all in on as regular a basis as possible.
I live for the Oscars. When I was little I would mark the date on my calendar and anxiously wait for the big day when I could see all the big stars and root for my favorites of the previous year. While I may not always agree with the Academy's selections (Brokeback Mountain soooo deserved the award over Crash) I still love the whole process. Plus I find so many wonderful Independent films thanks to their nominations. With the writers strike called off and only 6 hours to go I am like a kid on Christmas morning.
Each year as the days lead up to the Oscars it becomes a mission for Aaron and I to view as many of the nominated films as possible, otherwise really how can you fairly root for a favorite... yes I realize I am a dork:) Unfortunately this year with my surgery falling a few weeks prior to the big day I am sad to say I haven't seen even all of the Best Picture Nominees. I feel like such a fraud... ;) I do have some favorites in the batch though. "Juno" is just delightful. If you haven't yet seen this film... do it. It has been a long time since I have seen a film that was so perfectly cast and Ellen Page is just adorable.
Another favorite of mine is "Once". You won't see this movie up for any of the big awards as it's a low budget independent film... but that it what I love about it. You will see one of the films original songs up for the Best Song category. I am absolutely in love with this film... it's a sweet story about two musicians you meet and strike up a friendship as they work together to create an album of their collaboration. My assistant Karen and I saw this film last summer and have been addicted to the soundtrack ever since. It is just wonderful, there is one song in particular that still gives me chills every time I hear it. Soooo if you haven't seen this film yet.. go check it out. After you've seen it make a call to the Overture Center. I just got a notice yesterday that Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova (the couple that stars in the film & wrote the music) will be in Madison in June to perform the music from the film. Soooooo excited for that show!!! You'll have to at least get behind me in line when you decide you want tickets:)
Enjoy the show tonight!.... I know I will

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