Wednesday, March 19, 2008


First of all I have to apologize to all of my regular blog stalkers (aka Ms. Karmen:) for my recent unplanned absence from posting. Life sometimes just gets in the way... I'll explain more about what's been going on lately in a future post. Right now I want to introduce you to a couple of real beauties.

Recently I had the privilege of meeting sweet baby "J" and her darling brother "N". Yes twins! Can't you just hear the giddiness in my voice. :) Honestly the minute I entered their home the oohing and awwing began and it really hasn't stopped since. As I sit at my computer today editing I am once again falling in love with these two all over again. I could have spent all afternoon cuddling and cooing over these two adorable little peanuts. A big thank you to proud Momma Katie and of course grandma for all of your help. I so appreciate being welcomed into your home to meet your beautiful family.

Favorite!! If you look close you'll notice they are even holding hands.

On a seperate but somewhat related note... I have to send a shot out to the center of my own beautiful family... My Momma. Happy Birthday Old Lady! Sorry I'm a day late:)


Karmen Lindner said...

Oh, what precious little sleeping beauties! And the last image of the two in the basket-makes me melt! What a lucky Mom! Nice work, inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all of these pictures of the twins. They are perfect! Great job Jennifer! And congrats to the parents.