Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Michelle & Eric

If there ever were such a phrase as sweet, sweet love.. then Michelle & Eric are the very definition. Really... you might even find yourself worrying over a toothache just being in their presence... that's how crazy sweet they are together!

From our very first meeting I could see that these two were head over heals. At the time, only newly engaged they were already finishing each other's sentences and exchanging knowing glances. So when they sent each other gifts and cards prior to the wedding, it came as no surprise that their words and gifts would produce tears of joy. When you know your partner as well as Michelle & Eric know each other it's inevitable that your words will strike a chord. Playing witness to this level of love and commitment makes me so happy. I feel so lucky to record these incredible moments. Much love Michelle & Eric... hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!

I just love these next two images.. Michelle looks so at peace. No stress or nerves, only a quiet moment while getting ready.

Michelle & Eric opted to see each other prior to the ceremony. Not only did this allow us some additional time for photos but it also gave me the opportunity to capture some great shots of their first meeting.

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