Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shana & Brian

Everyone knows it's a definite foupaux to wear white to a wedding... there's that dangerous line you could cross of upstaging the bridal party. When you see the photos of Shana & Brian you would likely think.. white dress or not, no one is going to upstage this couple... they are gorgeous. But upstaged they were and I can honestly say they wouldn't have had it any other way! Lennon wasn't even 9 months old when his mom & dad got married.. but he was definitely the life of the party. With mom's beautiful brown eyes and dad's handsome smile he's hard to resist.

On the way to the reception in the Dells the wedding party stopped for a quick drink at a small out of the way bar. When we pulled up and I spied an abandoned building next door it was all I could do not to BEG Shana to skip the drink and grab a few more photos with me. Luckily Shana & Brian were up for anything.... and we got some awesome shots as a result!

Thanks again Shana & Brian for putting all your trust in my spontaneous ideas. It was a real pleasure working with you and your families... and especially little Lennon.






The two most important men in Shana's life....




It's been a while since I posted the same image with both my angle and that of my second shooters.. so here you go. My Shot - also a favorite!


Karen's Shot



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Abbie Payge Photography said...

Hi Jennifer,
I just saw a post on my blog and it clicked, you bought my couch from craigs list, can't wait to see some pictures!
great photos I love the one with them all on the porch. cool location!