Thursday, June 19, 2008

Andrea & Tim

The weather was beautiful, the skies a perfect shade of blue... The band was playing and the drinks were flowing. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday, surrounded by friends enjoying another Badger football game. That is of course until the Northern Illinois fan started harassing Andrea about whether or not the seat she was in was actually the one her ticket was for. Andrea turned to her friends and muttered, "what a jerk!". Funny how time can change things...... By the half Tim had become a bit less of a jerk, and by the end of the game the two rival team fans had both grown a bit smitten with one another. There was a spark of love in the air that day and it landed right in the middle of row 68.

Andrea & Tim thank you so much for allowing Mike and I to photograph your incredible day. It was truly a privilege! Talking with the two of you as you made your wedding plans it is so very obvious to me that the two of you were destined for one another... I guess Bucky knew what he was doing. Congratulations on the start of an incredible journey together.


The cuteness level was off the charts!


From a fall first meeting to a perfect spring wedding... love the beautiful blossoms.





This ones for you Andrea... all about the purple pansies :)


Of course the matchmaker himself was in attendance!





I just love this... they both separately saved their tickets from the big day.



Anonymous said...

Great story....& love the blossoms!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer - I love these!! Can't wait to see more! yay! :-)

Anonymous said...

You have done a wonderful job on their photos. I can't wait to see the rest!!!

Tim's cousin (and now Andrea's)