Monday, June 2, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday.....

Lots of little tid bits of information for all you blog readers today. Rather then clogging up your inbox with multiple posts we're just going to make this our miscellaneous Monday blog post.

- First of all I have to tell you about a wonderful organization I just recently was made aware of. Angel's Wish is an all volunteer organization that is "dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation, rehoming companion animals, and raising awareness of animal welfare issues in South Central Wisconsin." The animals of Angel's Wish are only euthanized for severe medical reasons and the organization helps to divert animals from ever arriving in local shelters where euthanizing is common practice. Both of our cats were adopted from local non-euthanizing shelters, so the mission statement of Angel's Wish is one that is close to my own heart. I have to thank Anne for making me aware of this organizations wonderful efforts.
Currently Angel's Wish is holding an online auction to raise much needed funds for their organization. You can bid on gift certificates to local restaurants, hotel stays as well as lots of pet related necessities. This year you can also bid on a $200 gift certificate for Angelic Angles Photography... so if you were planning to schedule a portrait session here's your chance to save some money and help support a great cause all at the same time. Click here to check out all the auction goodies.

And because I know a blog post without photos is terribly boring... here's one of my babies, Ms. Ellie helping me out with a little photo editing....


- Secondly as we are quite firmly planted into wedding season now I'm finding it very hard to keep up to date with all of the requested updates on my father-in-law Joe. Rather then emailing everyone I'm just going to post a quick update for you all here. Joe was released from the hospital early last week following his stem cell transplant. The new cells are beginning to grow and his blood counts are all up. This is the first step, so great news! Unfortunately only a few days after his release from the hospital he was admitted again due to complications from a viral infection. His weakened immune system makes these infections much harder to take. It sounds like a slow recovery but we're hopefully he'll be healthy enough to come home in a few weeks. I can't be certain of the exact numbers but since January Joe has been in the hospital for at least a full two months off and on. To have him home would be such a blessing!

- Finally a note to all of my wedding clients. Reprint prices will be going up as of June 15th. The price increase will only effect orders placed by phone or email. The prices found in your proof albums will be increasing to match the prices in your online gallery. If you were married in 2008 your proof albums should already reflect the price increase. Any reprint orders currently being processed will be completed at the current rates. Please contact the studio if you have any questions.

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