Saturday, August 9, 2008

And so ends the retreat.....

Crash, pop, sizzle.... those are the sounds that have been haunting my dreams this week. My main computer crashed. Don't you just love technology?!?! If your waiting for a session to be proofed, posted or blogged have no fear. All images are thoroughly backed up as soon as I complete a shoot.. so everything is safe. Sadly though, here I sit in front of my second computer, where I thankfully still have internet access but of course much of the information I need is being held hostage on my main server. I wonder if I talk to it sweetly if it might be more inclined to just turn on for me??? It's pretty much heard every nasty name I could throw at it in the last few days... think I hurt it's feelings?! Anyway, my incredible husband/IT tech is working on the situation full time today. Hopefully we will be up and running again when I return home from my wedding. Otherwise it will be another night spent with a bottle of wine until I'm able to take it in for service on Monday.

Stay tuned for these blog posts coming up.....

Paige & Shawn

Michelle & Mike

Stephanie & Kent

Sara & Phil

Cassandra & Chris

Erin & Duy

Jamie & Chad

Anna & Derrick

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