Friday, August 22, 2008

Sara & Philipp

Knee high socks and sandals, tight rolled jeans, leg warmers and fanny packs.... everyone knows these trends to be definite fashion don'ts. But isn't there always an exception to the rule?

When Phil set out one beautiful morning to hike the cliffs at Devils' Lake, he knew he wanted a bag that stayed close to his body. He wanted the presence of that beautiful engagement ring to always be safely within reach. As he led Sara higher and higher through the trees he found himself constantly patting his oh so taboo, fanny pack... a quick confirmation that yes, indeed Sara's beautiful ring was still safely tucked away. As the reached a clearing where the view of the lake spread out beautifully below them, Phil reached into his pack and produced the ring that brought tears to Sara's eyes. Sara didn't see a man with a fanny pack... she saw the man she loves... a man who wants to hold Sara close by his side... always safely within reach for, the rest of his life!

Congratulations again Sara & Philipp. It was such a pleasure working with you both and your delightful families. Much love - Jennifer



The closely guarded and absolutely beautiful engagement ring...


I love these ties!





How adorable are they??


Something about this image that I just love... favorite!



Sara & Phil had one of the best dinners I've ever enjoyed at a wedding reception. It was catered by the incredible Lombardinos. Dessert was incredible as well. There were dozens of different cheesecake varieties to choose from.. and all of them were handmade by members of Sara & Phil's families.


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