Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tracy & Todd

Thunder clouds and buckets of rain. Inch after inch... rising slowly, threatening destruction to everything in it's path. These memories are all too vivid for many residents of Wisconsin who struggled through the flooding this summer. Difficult memories. For Tracy and Todd though the memory of these floods brings about a different response. They are a reminder of the love and dedication a parent feels for their children.

When you look at the images from Tracy and Todd's wedding day there are no striking reminders of the torrid rains earlier this summer. You won't see any reminders because, well Tracy's parents simply wouldn't allow it! With their daughter's wedding less then two weeks away, and scheduled to take place in their backyard, Tracy's parents spent hours sandbagging and shoveling mud back into place. Desperately trying with ever ounce of remaining energy to save the landscaping. To save the beautiful stonework and flowers planned in details over the past year from washing away their daughters dreams of a 'simple' backyard wedding. Oh and did I mention they did this all even during the rainstorms, often late in the midnight hours?? To say that Tracy's parents are amazing is an obvious understatement.

When you witness Tracy and Todd together there is no question in my mind why Tracy's parents went to such lengths to fight off the floods. They are simply put - perfect. There is an unspoken togetherness when you see them that just seems so natural... as if together, is the only way they could possible be.

Tracy & Todd thank you so much for inviting Karen and I into your lives. Your wedding was such a beautiful display of family love and support. It was inspiring to witness.
Congratulations again!

We found these adorable antique spices in the family kitchen and couldn't resist....




Watching the guests arrive....


Mr. & Mrs. ! Love this shot that Karen grabbed - Favorite


And of course, my perspective.... doesn't this make you want to cuddle? :)


I love this shot. Tracy & Todd's epics were also taken at her parents in January, so fun to see the different seasons. You can check out that session here.



I love a good father daughter moment...



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