Friday, September 26, 2008

Angie & Brad

As I approached the door to Angie's hotel room I could hear a chorus of laughter from within. I knocked before entering and my arrival was greeted with more giggles and waves. There was an electricity in the air... coursing through each and every one of the bridesmaids. It didn't take long for me to find the source. Angie was glowing. Her skin, freshly washed in preparation for makeup nonetheless had the perfect shade of natural pink rouge.

The laughter on Angie & Brad's wedding day began before I even snapped my first photo... and I'm certain it lasted way past my exit at the reception. There's was a day filled with personality, fun and lots and lots of laughter. Literally my cheeks hurt the next day... this group was just too funny for words! You would never know it from the beautiful blue skies you'll see in the photos below, but Angie & Brad's outdoor wedding was complicated by rain showers as late as five minutes before the ceremony time. As guests & family members scrambled to move chairs, programs and decorations inside Angie & Brad laughed and smiled with anticipation. There was no way a rain shower could ever dampen their spirits. As luck would have it the showers lasted less then 15 minutes and in no time the chairs were back in place, programs distributed and the bride & groom were united in marriage... through it all Angie & Brad laughed in unison.

Thanks again you two for an unforgettable day... and of course for the work out you gave my cheek muscles! :)


Angie's natural glow was enhanced by the very talented Julie Carrington of On Location Makeup


Angie & Brad choose to see each other before the ceremony...


I loved it because I was able to capture their excitement.... I don't think Angie could stop smiling!




See what I mean about those blue skies?!? favorite!


After a visit to Allen Centennial we headed over to the MMOCA where they had this awesome colorful exhibit up... loved it!


Yup.. you guessed it... favorite


Playing with something a little different here....




Then it was on to Sweet Sophie's... where the sun made an appearance after the clouds passed by.



How fun is this cake?!?! Loads of personality just like Angie & Brad



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angie.brist said...

Jennifer - the pics look gorgeous! We can't wait to see the rest. Thank you for all your creativity in capturing a perfect day!