Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Erin and Duy

When Duy first laid eyes on Erin he knew. Her smile, her infectious laugh, there was simply something about Erin that Duy could not ignore. For in that moment the heavens opened and a ray of light shone down upon Erin announcing her permanent arrival into Duy's life. There was no future anymore that did not somehow include this incredible woman by his side.

A fair tale story?!? Perhaps.. if only Erin had said yes when Duy first asked her on a date. In reality this is not so much a story of love at first sight as it is a story about persistence. Duy knew.. he had seen all the signs and Erin's declining of his invitation did not dissuade him. He gave Erin some time and then... asked her out again. And once again, Erin said "no, thanks". So what was Duy to do?? Well ask her again of course! After 10 invitations Duy finally wore through Erin's walls and received his much sought after response of "yes". As it turns out Duy was everything Erin never knew, she always wanted in a companion. Their story may not have started with a "once upon a time" fair tale beginning but luckily the heavens' were accurate that day when they first opened up and Erin & Duy are now working on their "happily ever after".

I have known Erin & Duy personally now for quite a few years and I am so very blessed to have them in my circle of friends. It was such an incredible honor to be able to capture their wedding day for them and I can't thank them enough for putting their faith in me. I can't tell you how many times I thanked Canon on the day of their wedding for auto focus! Erin's brother Matt was the officiant for the ceremony. He did an amazing job... between my constantly laughter and the occasional tears it was a really good thing I had auto focus on my side. :) Erin & Duy also wrote their own vows... and they were awesome. They vowed to love, honor and support one another always. But beyond that, Duy also vowed to finally make good on their deal "you cook, I clean." Erin in return promised to "humor Duy the next time we go on vacation and he asks me 6 times if I checked that the stove is off." These two certainly know how to laugh together! With a relationship built on friendship, love and laughter there's really no way they won't make it to happily ever after. Okay... I totally didn't mean to rhyme there, but cheesey as it is... it's all true.

Congratulations again Erin & Duy!!! Much, much love - Jennifer


Love this.. favorite


Erin didn't think she could do a 'serious' portrait... ha! Erin you are gorgeous :)


Erin & her adorable parents


The man of the hour.... Duy




Thank goodness for auto focus...





How stickin adorable are these two?!?


Erin & Duy have two cats who are their 'family' So it was very fitting that they were included into the wedding day details. The chocolate cake topper was made by David Bacco Chocolates.


Erin & Duy also sponsored a cat for each table at the reception from the Dane County Humane Society.... love that!



Love this one... favorite!


The one and only specific request Erin gave me... this ones for you.


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Karmen Lindner said...

Oh Jennifer...love the circle window. You are sooo creative!