Sunday, December 21, 2008

Elizabeth & Andrew

When I first met Andrew for his engagement session with Elizabeth I asked him about the first time they had met. His response was so sweet. When your limbs go numb, and you have to remind yourself to breath, you know your experiencing something amazing. So it was when Andrew first laid eyes on Elizabeth. "She was totally out of my league though." Andrew said with a bashful shrug of his shoulders. What Andrew didn't know yet about Elizabeth from that first meeting, is that Elizabeth's beauty is much more then skin deep. Yes, she's gorgeous, but at times you wonder if she really knows how striking she is. Elizabeth's beauty comes from within. She is warm, inviting, confident and unassuming. It's not surprising that Andrew was drawn in the very moment their eyes met. Andrew, being the smart man that he is decided that very instant that Liz was someone he wanted in his life. We've all heard the rule that three days is a perfect 'wait time' before calling someone you've just met. Well Andrew was not about to let another day go by without showing Elizabeth he was very much interested in getting to know her better. Within a few hours of their first meeting Elizabeth's phone lit up with an incoming call from Andrew. Was Elizabeth surprised by Andrew's quick call? Perhaps... or maybe it's possible, she had already programmed his number into her phone. The rest as they say, is history.

Congratulations again Elizabeth & Andrew!! It was so much fun getting to know you and your families. - J



A girl's gotta have a little bling!



Something tells me Andrew was pretty happy that day...


Maybe it had something to do with this beauty???


Elizabeth's father played several roles that day. After walking her down the aisle he then stepped in to officiate the ceremony. How incredible is that? To be married by your father!





So sweet... favorite!




The new exhibit at the MMOCA was so much fun for photos.




LOVE this moment in the father-daughter dance! Favorite.


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