Friday, December 5, 2008

Heather & Aaron

Long distance relationships are tough. Many couples have been there, experienced the aching in their chests each time that treasured long distance phone call is forced to come to an end. Only a small number of these relationships survive the time and distance apart. Heather & Aaron are one of the success stories of long distance romance. In fact looking back on their relationship there were more years spent living in separate cities then there were living as neighbors.

What, you may ask, is the secret to their success? Planning. Heather lived for those weekends together and she didn't want to waste a moment of their precious time. Sooo, she planned. Each date would have all of Heather's personal touches. Dinner at the local greasy spoon, cause Aaron mentioned he was craving a burger. A night at the movies cause they'd been dying to see that sequel. Heather knew Aaron... and she also knew Heather & Aaron together... so her dates were perfectly suited, and perfectly planned.

After 3 years together Heather knew she wanted Aaron in her life forever. As any smart woman would do she started to drop hints, subtle hints. hints about the future. hints about their future together. hints that she wanted that future together more then anything. But like most men... Aaron did not pick up on the subtle hints, or perhaps he had made plans of his own. :) Just when Heather decided to drop the hinting and instead sit back and wait for things to take their course Aaron planned a date for her that won't soon be forgotten. Dinner and a movie (Harry Potter because Heather's an avid fan). Then on to the location of their first date just in time to watch the sunset. Funny how that was timed so well! ... or perhaps it was just well planned. For just as Heather thought the night couldn't get any more perfect Aaron took a knee and told her his plans for their future together, always.

Apparently Heather was impressed with Aaron's planning skills because he took on the duty of planning their honeymoon completely on his own. When I said my goodbyes at the reception Heather still had no idea where they were going.... how cool is that?!?! I hope Aaron at least gave her a heads up on what kind of clothes to pack! Heather & Aaron I can't wait to hear all about your surprise destination... I hope you had an incredible time.



I really don't think it even needs to be said.. but how stinking cute is she??



Heather had such a calm about her during the preparations... I could decide which image I liked better so you get both!




Something tells me they were excited to be flowergirls :)


The church where Heather & Aaron were married was like a theatre with no windows directly to the outdoors. On the two sides of the stage were these large screens were swaying tree branches were projected... it was such a cool way to bring the outdoors in.



Heathers one photo request.. they caught some serious air! Favorite



Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!


Yup.. you guessed it... favorite!


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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I LOVE these pictures! My favorite is the one of our flowergirl getting her hair curled :) TOO cute!