Friday, May 15, 2009

Laura & Ryan

In life there are two types of people.. those who follow the rules and those who don't. Laura has always been one of those individuals who sees the logic behind the rules that govern and so in turn puts her trust in those rules. If her mom told her look both ways before crossing, Laura knew there was a strong line of reasoning behind her words. When the University required a minimum GPA to enter into the pharmaceutical school Laura worked diligently to meet those requirements. 

When Laura graduated and took a position at the Walgreens pharmacy she once again was met with a list of rules. Rules that were put in place to protect the companies employees and customers. A new set of rules which Laura put her faith behind. So when she learned that one of those rules was there was no dating among members of the Walgreens staff, she turned her eyes from the cute assistant manager and focused on her work. 

Luckily the cute assistant manager was a type two personality. Upon meeting Laura he knew his life was changed for the better and no set of rules would put a damper on his visions for their future together. Ryan was not simply going to sit back and follow the rules.... and he wasn't about to let Laura follow them either! Thanks to Ryan's persistence Laura finally decided to bend the rules a bit.... and I'm so glad she did because these two are incredible together. 

Laura & Ryan thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with Karen and I. It was such a pleasure working with your adorable families... could your nephews be any cuter? And a huge shout out to Laura's brother Ryan for his help at the Capital, but mostly just for keeping us all entertained and laughing! Laura & Ryan, I wish you both the very best for your future together. Much love!!  



Not sure what it is I love so much about this photo.. but I do. Favorite. 





Hiding around the corner, one last quiet moment before the service starts.....






Laura you have the most intensely beautiful eyes!


LOVE this moment that Karen captured... favorite!


The tulips in bloom were color coordinated perfectly for Laura & Ryan.


I adore this series! You two are so cute together. favorite!


I'm such a sucker for the father - daughter dance.....



Mom said...

Ryan and Laura these photos are breathtaking. I can't wait to see the rest. You certainly selected a photographer that captured moments you probably don't even remember. Excellent choice!

Janet said...

Ryan & Laura,
Your picture's are beautiful....I don't know how you are going to pick......I'm glad it's you and not me....I would want them all....