Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heidi & Andrew

There's a period of time in college when your circle of friends becomes more then just a group of good friends... you become almost like family. Away from home these are the people you rely on for support, advice and a helping hand. This is the kind of support system Andrew had with his circle of college friends and in particular his fellow athletes on the UW-Whitewater football team. So when he met the breathtaking cousin of one of his teammates in passing he turned to his friend for support, a helping hand and maybe a much coveted first introduction. Unfortunately it seems family is stronger then even the bonds of college friendship for Andrew's request was denied.

As their paths crossed sporadically again and again Andrew found himself unable to shake the thought of Heidi. He tried in vane to acquire an introduction from his teammate but to no success. What Andrew couldn't yet know was that Heidi was not only beautiful on the outside but equally so on the inside. Heidi's charisma, bubbly personality and genuineness caused her to be surrounded by a group of friends and family that wanted nothing but the very best for her. It wasn't long before Andrew found his luck was changing as he had the serendipity of running into Heidi at a university party. I can't say first hand but I'm pretty confident Andrew made a wonderful first impression. :)

Heidi & Andrew thank you so much for inviting me into your circle of friends and family. I had such a wonderful time. I wish you both nothing but health and happiness for your future together.

Are these beautiful or what???




Heidi is not afraid of color... and I love that about her!



Heidi's father sang a song for the new couple.. so wonderfully moving. favorite





These two are so stinking cute together! favorite


Andrew's only request for photos.... a jumping shot. Done and done! oh yeah.. and a favorite :)




~Karmen said...

Fabulous showcase!

Heidi said...

Absolutely LOVE these :) can't wait to see the rest! Jennifer you are the BEST!!

Heather said...

Jennifer, you're so fabulous. I can't wait until you shoot our wedding (14 long months from now)!

By the way, after formals (and before the reception), the wedding party is headed to Genna's for a drink. We're super excited for your fun photojournalistic side to shine there!

-Heather (of Heather and Greg) :)