Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lindsey & Brad

As I unloaded my equipment in the church parking lot I looked up at the gray skies rolling in and shook my head. There was definitely a serious storm heading our direction and with Lindsey & Brad's wedding about to get underway I wondered how the family was handling the news of the weather. I made my way cautiously inside, unsure of the scene that would be unfolding. As I approached the bride's room I could hear the faint sounds of laughter hanging in the air. I tapped on the door and swung it open. The room was filled with electricity and color. Lindsey was floating from person to person with a smile that enveloped her whole face. She was soaking it in.. the sights, the sounds, the pure excitement of her wedding day.

There wasn't a soul that didn't know.. not a family member, friend, not even the catering staff. It was as obvious as if it were lit up like a flashing Vegas sign. Lindsey & Brad are happy... so very happy to be together. And on their wedding day, the day they'd been planning for.. there wasn't a soul who didn't know it. I'm so blessed to have been able to capture their excitement!




Gorgeous! Really Lindsey.. I don't hate you because your so beautiful :)


Brad was just a little bit excited....



Lindsey's dad sung a song a for the new couple...



The rain storms didn't stop us from capturing some uber fun wedding party photos... and let me tell you.. it was doing some serious raining! But you'd never know it. Thanks again to this incredible group for being such good sports!



When Lindsey first described her wedding colors to me I knew I was going to love her concept!


We found a little shelter from the rain under a beautiful tree


This photo pretty much sums it up.. how could you not know these two are head over heels in love??? favorite


By the time we got to the reception hall the rain had finally come to an end... I love everything about this photo!




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