Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anne & Jeremiah - married!

Anne & Jeremiah know how to have a good time. That's why I feel especially blessed to have celebrated with them twice this summer! You may recognize this fabulous couple if you follow our blog from a wedding party earlier this summer. Such a great group of friends and family.... Anne & Jeremiah are truly blessed. And that's even before you bring them together as a couple... now you've got two groups of incredible support systems and an intense love and respect for one another right in the middle to tie it all together. 
 Anne & Jeremiah from the moment we first met I knew your wedding was going to be an event to remember. At the time though I had no idea just how right my intuition would turn out to be. Beautiful venues, incredible details, heartwarming wedding day gifts, adorable private moments & loving glances, a crazy fun dad and we wrapped it all up with a sunset on the terrace. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday. I hope your wedding day was all that you imagined it would be... and that it's perfection is just the first step towards your next big event together.



Anne you are too cute!


I just love trolley photos. 

Could not share this blog with Anne & Jeremiah without a ring photo. ;)

Favorite. I just love how you can see the LOVE in this photo. ( my heart melts a little)

What was the most memorable part of your day?
Anne: Seeing Jeremiah for the first time at the alter.
Jeremiah: The vows.

What is your funniest memory from your wedding day?
The grand march - Stevie style, complete with red beanies (Steve Zissou).

Any advice you'd share for future couples getting married?
Enjoy the day, it goes by so fast. Spend time with each other rather than worrying about everyone else. It will make the moment last that much longer.

Would you change anything about your day if you could?
Wouldn't change one thing.

What songs did you use for your:
First Dance - Finally Forever, Christ Cornell
Father/Daughter Dance - The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra
Mother/Son Dance - Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong
Grand March - Queen Bitch, Davie Bowie (Throwback to the movie Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou!)

Where did you go (or are you going) for your Honeymoon?
Quebec City, Canada

How did you two meet?
College sweethearts - first day freshman year during Ogg Hall dorm move-in.

How long have you been dating?
A LONG TIME! Officially since December 2004.

5 words to describe your bride:
Beautiful, radiant, happy, loving, effervescent.

5 words to describe your groom:
Handsome, humorous, my best friend, thoughtful, generous.

Who were your vendors?
Florist - Daffodil Parker
Cake Baker - Craig's Cakes
DJ or Band - Jukebox Bandstand
Reception Site - Tripp Commons, Memorial Union
Ceremony Site - Luther Memorial Church

Any great vendor experiences to share?
They were all great but I have to highlight Craig's for making that amazing fish groom's cake and Daffodil Parker for their amazing work and ability to customize and allow us to return our vases one week after the wedding.

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