Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jennifer & Pravin- Married!

   Often times when I photograph a wedding I find myself seated at a table amongst the bride and grooms friends & family. I've met some wonderful people this way.. from all different walks of life. Inevitably during dinner someone will ask "what's the craziest wedding you've ever photographed?" or "what was your favorite wedding you've ever photographed?" From today on I know with certainty how I will answer that second question.. Jennifer & Pravin's wedding.
   Now don't get me wrong.. I'm not one to play favorites, really I'm not. I love the variety I see at weddings.. how each couple incorporates their own personalities into the details of their day. It's like walking through the pages of a bridal magazine each and every time. But when you put together two of the sweetest, funniest people I've ever met, beautiful details, a carousel ride, goats, giraffes and donuts.. it's really hard to compete. At this point you're probably asking yourself.. did I read that write? Goats? Yes, you read it right. Jennifer & Pravin had their wedding reception at the Henry Vilas Zoo and it was nothing short of spectacular. I honestly lost count of how many wedding guests I heard comment in passing conversation "this is the BEST wedding ever!". With a cocktail hour that allowed their guests to wander the zoo seeing animals up close and personal or riding the carousel and train.. there was something to please everyone in attendance. 
  I had a seriously hard time narrowing this post down to a reasonable number of images.. cause I just wanted to share all of the amazingness with you. Jennifer & Pravin... what can I say? I ADORE you! Honestly... you two are the most genuine, adorable, absolutely hilarious individuals I've ever met. You are so perfectly suited to one another, it's hard to imagine there was ever a time when you were not together. I wish you both all the best as you navigate this life creating new adventures and sharing laughter all along the way. 
All my love - Jennifer



Such beautiful sisters....

A tearful first meeting before the ceremony.

So you have to view these next two images while humming the "Hail to the Chief" song to really enjoy their full impact. Did Pravin really walk down the aisle to the President's song?? Oh yes he did.. and it was CLASSIC!


it's official.. MR & MRS 


Ahhh.. so cool... and Jennifer's smile never quit!


A selfie with a goat? Yup.. that happened. 

What was the most memorable part of your day?
Seeing each other the first time, and marrying my best friend.

What is your funniest memory from your wedding day?

High giving spontaneously during ceremony;
Feeding goats and them eating flowers;
Carousel and high fiving everyone;
Hail to the chief entry for Pravin.

Any advice you’d share for future couples getting married?
Enjoy the day and realize its only a small part of the rest of your life.

Would you change anything about your day if you could?
Nothing! Even the rain made it perfect!

What songs did you use for your:
First Dance – "Don't Stop Believing" as performed by Glee
Father/Daughter Dance &  Mother/Son Dance  – "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty
Grand March – "Forever" by Chris Brown

Where did you go (or are you going) for your Honeymoon?  
Fiji and New Zealand.

How did you two meet?
On, a blind date at a wedding.

How long have you been dating?
5 years in May, so roughly 4.5 years.

5 words to describe your bride:
Passionate, beautiful, happy, smart, friendly.

5 words to describe your groom:
Hilarious, intelligent, generous, cuddly, awesome

Who were your Vendors?
Florist – Nancy Acker Skolaski (aunt)
Cake Baker – Greenbush Bakery
DJ or Band – Celebrations 
Reception Site – Henry Vilas Zoo
Ceremony Site - First Unitarian Society 

Any great vendor experiences to share?
Loved them all!

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Jenn said...

Thank you Jennifer for your sweet comments! We loved working with you and are so pleased with the results. You captured every detail from the personal to the hilarious. Thank you again for all of your work in making our day special! Jennifer & Pravin