Thursday, July 3, 2008

Diane & Rusty

It's been said time and time again, Keep it Simple. Wise words. In Diane & Rusty's case these are even words to live by. You could even say it was the theme to their entire wedding. With a light breeze in the air and beautiful blue skies overhead Diane & Rusty exchanged their wedding vows in a simple, intimate backyard ceremony. Surrounded by their closest family members Diane & Rusty pledged forever.

Diane & Rusty I'm so glad Mike and I were able to join you for your wedding. The simplicity of your day really was a wonderful testament to the most important part of any wedding day... your marriage. Congratulations again. May the two of you enjoy forever making beautiful music together.




Mr. and Mrs.


It really was a beautiful wedding... too bad Rusty just wasn't excited about it at all :)



Doesn't this kind of remind you of a album cover?!? Or.... is it just me?



I just love this quiet moment.....


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Anonymous said...

Sun flare image is my fave!!!! the texture image too. Great work Ms. always!