Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mandy & Joe

A high school crush... a longing gaze across a crowded classroom at the object of your affection. Rumor has it Joe had a little 'thing' for Mandy back in high school. Now everyone knows high school can be more then a little awkward! Unfortunately for Joe, Mandy never noticed those intense brown eyes calling her out in the middle of English class. It wasn't until a few years later when their paths crossed again that Mandy saw Joe as something more then a former classmate. With age comes confidence and there was a new swagger in Joe's step.... Mandy swooned like a teenage girl. :)

As most of you already know I'm all about the high school sweetheart stories... so right away I knew this wedding was going to be great. When I arrived at the church I was greeted with hugs from mom and a gift from Mandy.... so I obviously underestimated how GREAT this wedding was going to be! Karen and I felt like guests at a party. It was wonderful. Thanks again Mandy & Joe for all the love... we hope you had an incredible time on your honeymoon.



Due to some flooding Mandy & the girls prepared in one of the churches classrooms... so we had a little fun with the ring shot :)


Doesn't Mandy have gorgeous eyes?






Mandy & Joe had more then their fair share of 'issues' the day of the wedding.. beginning with a limo driver who lacked directional skills and raining weather. Through it all though they were nothing but smiles... Love this one - Favorite!



They had the most beautiful, simply designed cake by Just Cakes & Pasty in Oak Creek


Mandy & Joe worked it out!! We got a few additional photos at the reception site since we were rained out at the gardens.


One more just for fun.... remember the umbrella picture above? Yeah.. it rained that day.. so no comments about my flat, rain drenched 'hairdo'!!


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