Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wild Card Champions....

My prayers were answered! Not only were there a few Brewer fan's in my wedding party Saturday.. but oh so much better......the Brewers won big on Sunday!!!!! I don't think I could possibly use enough exclamation points for this blog post!

I sat in the left field bleachers, stomach dancing in circles, completely unable to eat my much anticipated brat with stadium sauce. There was just so much riding on the outcome of this game. I felt nervous... as though I were the one walking to home plate with a bat in hand. My palms were sweaty, my throat was dry and my stomach continued to dance the polka quite exuberantly. It felt like I was saying a silent prayer with every single Brewer at bat, and all the while my ears were filled with the sarcastic chants of the Cubs fans that surrounded us. Luckily my nerves survived the day.... and thanks to Ryan Braun's shot to left field and the amazing work horse that is CC Sabathia the Brewers were able to clinch the Wild Card. What a day!! I can't wait to see how the rest of the playoffs unfold.

If you couldn't already guess... this shot was taken after the Brewers and the Marlins had won... those smiles are oh so genuine!


Following the Brewer's win most of the fans stuck around to see the outcome of the Marlins-Mets game. You can see how everyone slid over to be able to watch the jumbotron.


McClung being interviewed after the win....


Need I say more?!?


** These photos were taken with my trusty point & shoot, fit in my pocket camera and should in no way be considered a fair assessment of my skills as a photographer. :)

If you read this whole post then your obviously a Brewer fan.... I have a pair of tickets for this Saturday's play off game against the Phillies. I have a wedding and won't be able to go. We purchased tickets to Sundays game (assuming there is a 4th game) and need to sell Saturdays tickets. Email me if your interested and I can give you more details.

***** Sorry, tickets are sold *****

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