Saturday, October 11, 2008

Natalie & Juan

When Natalie & Juan first met they were both working together on the Air National Guard base in Madison. Juan was captivated not only by Natalie's beauty but also by her confidence and obvious inner strength. He respected her and truly admired her dedication and focus. So when there were work outings organized for dinner or the movies... it was a no brainer as far as Juan was concerned. He was happy for any excuse to spend more time with Natalie.

What Juan had not yet realized was that Natalie was quite smitten with him as well. So when one of these work outings came to an end at the early hour of 9:00 Natalie decided to make a strategic move. She invited Juan out for a solo outing... "why don't we grab a six pack and head down to the shore.. it's such a beautiful night?" Well you didn't have to ask Juan twice! As they
shared a blanket and listened to the sound of the waves crashing, they looked in unison to a moonlit sky. The admiration and respect they both shared was changing and deepening. It became obvious that night that their friendship was growing into something much, much more.

Unfortunately time isn't always on our sides.... as luck would have it, just as Natalie found herself falling hard for Juan she learned he had plans to relocate to California. Natalie had the same apprehensions as many young couples do when it comes to long distance relationships. How would it work? Will it make us stronger? But most of all... how can I survive without this incredible person by my side? Natalie valued what she had found in Juan and she decided to put the same trust and dedication into their relationship that she did in all aspects of her life. After only a few short weeks of dating and with Juan's departure date looming on the horizon Natalie made a decision. She told Juan that if he asked, she would move to California. There wasn't even a moments hesitate for Juan to ask the question Natalie was so desperately hoping to here.... and the answer? Yes, of course. :)

Natalie & Juan thank you so much for inviting me in to your intimate wedding plans. It was such a pleasure meeting you both. Best of luck with all of your exciting plans this coming winter! I can't wait to see pictures.



I love this photo... favorite!


Natalie's smile is so infectious....




Hamming it up for the camera....


These two are sooo in love! Just makes me want to curl up and snuggle.. favorite.


Natalie & Juan decided to do some photos at the one location in Madison that holds the most meaning for them and their relationship. We decided to recreate that first 'date' right down to the six pack of beer..... Love it!


I just adore this series... have a ever mentioned how great the couples are I get to work with?!?!



Umm yeah... favorite.


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