Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nicole & Bowe

Nikki.... baby.... I um, don't be mad okay?? But I um... I think I forgot the rings! Nicole turned to Bowe and whispered discreetly, That's not funny, quit messing around. No really Nikki... I think I forgot the rings!

I watched the conversation between Nicole & Bowe through my zoom lens as the pastor talked about love and marriage. He continued on about marriage and the sacred bond Nicole & Bowe were entering into... as Nicole came to the realization that Bowe wasn't joking around as usual. There was a real sense of panic in his eyes as he stood in front of his friends and family with no wedding rings in his pocket. Nicole's eyes on the other hand were focused. They spoke silently to Bowe... We'll figure this out... no worries. I will marry you today even if I have to use a blowpop ring. :) The hushed conversation between Nicole & Bowe rippled through the wedding party and within seconds there was a stand in ring for both the bride & groom. The wedding ceremony continued on without delay.

As I watched the conversation between Nicole & Bowe, I was a wash with panic. How could I get my ring up to the Maid of Honor discreetly?!? How could I help? Before I could even put those two thoughts in a row though Nicole & Bowe had things under control. The entire congregation was witness to their love that afternoon. A love that says don't worry I'm here by your side. The kind of supportive love that we cling to in times of trouble. Nicole & Bowe begin their married life confidently, knowing they have that love and support.... always, unconditionally. I was truly honored to witness and be a part of their incredible day.



This may just be my favorite shoe photo ever... loved the light in this stairwell!





I took Nicole back to the beautiful stairway light for a few portraits before the service. Favorite!


The best man... very discreetly removing his wedding ring in time for the ring exchange...


I love this photo! The absence of the rings could have brought many a bride to tears but Nicole & Bowe were too busy enjoying themselves to fret over details.


And it's official!!!!



Nicole... you are gorgeous! favorite



It's been a while since I showed the two photographer perspectives. This is my shot....


And this is Karen's... love it!


The 'real' rings did make an appearance....


Love this shot of Nicole & her father during their dance...


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