Friday, October 17, 2008

Jessica and Chris

When Jessica was a little girl she would listen attentively to the bedtime stories of princesses and their prince charmings. Stories of magical far off places and storybook love.. the kind that lasts forever. Even at a tender age Jessica already had high standards.

Growing up her friends through high school and college would tease Jessica that her expectations were far too high. You've just got to loosen up and go with the flow, they'd tell her. Jessica however knew what she wanted in her soul mate and she saw no reason to compromise. Her childhood belief that storybook love was a very real and obtainable goal kept her focused on the future.... a future she could see just as clearly as if it were painted on the pages of one of her bedtime stories.

Among Jessica's circle of friends it was commonly known that Jessica had taken her expectations for a partner even one step further... she had made a list. The ladies referred to this list as Jessica's "5 C's ". The ideal candidate had to be charming, charismatic, caring, catholic and of course - cute. When Jessica was introduced to Chris through mutual friends she found herself mentally crossing off the list..... charming - check, cute - check. It wasn't long before Jessica realized she had found a match. As time passed and they got to know each other more Jessica found herself falling hard, the list was unimportant... the only thing that was important was spending time with Chris. Not only had Jessica found a man who embodied all of the "5 C's" but she had ended up gaining a sixth "C" she had found - Chris.

My good friend Karmen Lindner did the second shooting for me... and we had such a blast. Thanks again Jessica & Chris for a truly incredible day. It was a real pleasure spending time with you, your friends and your families.


Love Jessica's shoes!!!



While the girls were getting ready Karmen was hanging with the boys....


Chris loves Jessica with the kind of love that is so very enviable... wholey and completely. I love a groom who gets choked up at the sight of his bride.




A private moment in the trolley - Favorite!



I swear this photo belongs in a glamour magazine... favorite!



So sweet...


The details at the Union were beautiful.. love the monograms. Jessica's Aunt did all the incredible arrangements.


Love this shot that Karmen captured....favorite.



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Carrie J said...

Absolutely the most gorgeous wedding photos ever! A beautiful bride and a handsome groom. I cannot wait to see the rest.
Carrie (Spang) Jaskaniec, aka the new sister in law! :0)