Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lesley & Chris

When it comes to the subject of automobiles each of us can name an individual who is an avid automobile fan. You know... that friend or relative who babies their car as though it were a member of the family. The person you consistently beg to allow you to drive their car but somehow the concern for their car's safety always out weights your pleas. Well for many years Chris was that guy.

The shiny red mustang that was parked in Chris' garage knew a love like no other. The delicate touch for each detailing, and the close watch that was placed over each and every mile it traveled. Chris was definitely in love. Every other day, like clockwork, Chris would wash and wax his baby. It didn't matter that the mustang was only really driven six months of the year. A summer Sunday afternoon was like heaven because it meant there was time for a drive in the mustang with no particular destination in mind. Yup, this was most definitely love.

Some men wait and save their whole lives to purchase that perfect car. Once they have it, they cherish it, protect it and enjoy it every chance they get. When you work towards a goal like that parting with it is never an easy task. That is of course unless your trading it in for something even better. When Chris decided it was time to sell his beloved mustang he made the sale without a bit of anxiety. He knew the sale didn't mean the end to those wonderful Sunday afternoons, rather the sale meant there was a new road map to explore. Within a week of the sale Chris had purchased an engagement ring and asked Lesley if she would spend forever with him. Her response? "Without a doubt"

Lesley & Chris thank you for allowing me to be a part of your families on a very special day. It was such a pleasure. I hope you had an incredible time in Hawaii!


I loved the detailing of Lesley's dress....







Karen grabbed this fun angle.



These two are so fun together...


This has to be one of my favorite bridal portraits of all time!




The big purchase.


These last two are just for you Lesley- it's all about the back. :)



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