Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lindsay & Nathan

The weather was picture perfect... blue skies, a light breeze. Nate grabbed Olive's leash and asked Lindsay to join them for a walk. The strolled hand in hand down to the harbor and talked about nothing in particular. As Olive soaked in the suns warm rays Lindsay and Nate soaked in some quality time together. Life was perfect. What better way to spend a weekend then with no particular agenda, just relaxing together, laughing together.

When they reached the harbor Lindsay bent down to share the love with Olive... some rough play time and a few cuddles thrown in for good measure. Perfection. Lindsay turned to Nate to share her thoughts and found Nate had dropped to a knee. Apparently the moment was perfect in Nate's mind as well. For it was in that moment of perfection that Nate asked the perfect woman to share in his plans for a perfect future... a future together, always.

What makes this story so wonderful in my opinion is that the perfect afternoon was all perfectly planned by Nate. He must have been pretty confident in Lindsay's answer because following his proposal they made their way to a ship in the harbor where all of their closest friends and family were waiting to celebrate the good news! Talk about a perfect ending to an incredible day. :)

Considering the planning that went into Nate's proposal it came as no surprise that their wedding day was filled to the brim with incredible details. We had the opportunity to work again with Angela DuPont of Top Shelf Weddings & Events so we knew everything would go smooth as silk. Lindsay & Nate thank you so much for allowing Karen and I to document your wedding day. It was truly a pleasure working with you and your families. Love - J




Stunning.... favorite



Rooftop garden of the MMOCA




Nate's winning personality obviously runs in the family. :)



Stopping traffic!


We caught the evening light at just the perfect time.



Lindsay you are gorgeous!


Love this! You two are so sweet together. Favorite


Daffodil Parker
did an amazing job on the floral arrangements.



Lots more beautiful images coming your way! Up next....

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics! :) What a great day it was to be with you on your wedding day! Lots of love!