Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lynn & Lucas

The role of matchmaker is a tough one. To successful match up two souls, two personalities... Many people have tried and nearly just as many have failed. It's a delicate line to walk, but every now and then we come across an individual who is perfectly suited for the job. Randy is just such a man.

On a girls night out on the town Lynn & her best friend Emily made their way to the Hody Bar. Between rounds of drinks, gossiping about work, friends and family Emily and Lynn found themselves eyeing up the cute bartender behind the bar. How could they draw him down to join in their conversation? Laughter, conversation and the drinks were all flowing freely that night. It was then that the slightly older gentleman sat down next to Lynn and began to strike up a conversation. He was celebrating his birthday, so of course the girls had to share a toast and a few laughs. The conversation might have ended there.. and Lynn & Emily could have gotten back to their plans for the bartender... but this gentleman was special.

Randy was one of those very few individuals who don't simply join in conversation to pass the time.. but truly are interested in what the other person has to say. In those few moments of chatting with Lynn he listened closely and heard details even Lynn didn't realize she was sharing. As Lynn chatted about life.... Randy heard Lynn's dedication for her friends and family. He heard her sincerity and her humility. He heard her longing for love. Randy heard in Lynn's voice many of the same things he heard in his own son's. It wasn't long before Randy was talking up his incredible son Lucas... and the matchmaking was on. As he pointed to Lucas across the bar Lynn's heart did a flip in her chest. By the end of the night the two were dancing together as though they had known each other for years. A match made in heaven... by the future father- in-law! All I can say is... well done Randy.


We had a little fun with the boys before the ceremony...


I think Lynn was a little excited to she Lucas.




The beautiful Lynn and her parents.



I love, love, loved this group of girls! They were so wonderful, sweet and supportive... Lynn is so lucky to have had one of the best groups of bridesmaids I've ever worked with.



Nose to nose.. love it. Favorite!


Ummm, yeah.. definitely a favorite!


Lynn and Lucas played right into the fall theme with their wedding favors... caramel corn!


Love this cake from Carls Cakes.


Lynn & Lucas love live music. They had an incredible band Altered Five play for their reception.



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