Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hiroko & Josh

If your anything like me you've spent your fair share of time at the local Starbucks. On a cold day there's nothing like securing a corner of the coffeeshop with the newspaper and a warm cup of coffee, or in my case... chai. Your own little oasis in the midst of an otherwise busy street, city... life. The quiet solitude you experience while surrounded by others is so refreshing, a perfect way to recharge.
Hiroko also found the quiet corners of Starbucks to be a welcomed retreat, and so it was not surprising to find her tucked away many an afternoon in one of the Starbucks of metropolitan Japan. A quiet afternoon, pouring over her literature... that is until Josh walked in. His intention was never to interrupt Hiroko's solitude, but as he sipped his latte he couldn't keep his eyes on his book. Every few moments his eyes would wander up the lines of his novel and dart across the spans of tables that separated his with Hirokos, just a quick glance to confirm she was still there. After rereading the same page of his book for the tenth time, it was obvious to Josh that he would not be able to continue his day until he walked that spans of tables and at least attempted a conversation with this beautiful woman. A conversation in broken English and bits of Japanese, turned into another round of lattes and another. Although they had set down their individual novels their conversation continued over hot drinks and a book.. only this time it was a love story that was being written with the help of a little book known as the English-Japanese dictionary.
Josh & Hiroko thank you so much for trusting your father's choice for a photographer across the miles that separately you from your wedding plans. It was truly a pleasure meeting you and your families! Much love - Jennifer


I love this photo... it's not unusual for me to snap quite a few getting ready photos with the bride and makeup. In this case though Hiroko is the one doing the makeup! She was just so relaxed....





I just loved Hiroko's veil... so classic.







Come on... of course they had to have sushi rolls!


Hiroko's father making some last minute notes before his speech... notice they are in english and japanese.


Notes or not, dad still needed a little translation help from Josh during the speech. I love the effort both familes put into messing their unique cultures. Favorite!


For part of the reception Josh & Hiroko changed into traditional Kimonos.




And of course the reception was capped off my one show stopping number after another with the Canaries Karaoke Show. This little lady was a highlight of the evening....


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