Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kathryn & David

When Katie & Dave first met it was beneath the umbrella of their friends Molly & Greg's wedding plans. Katie & Dave each played their respective role of bridesmaid and groomsmen through the many festivities that surround a wedding... bridal showers, bachelor outings and so on. Their commitment was to the overall happiness of Molly & Greg. So for each event they put on their biggest smiles and mingled with guests as the two families became intertwined. After several gatherings a friendship emerged.. and Katie found herself looking forward to the next event where she would be entertained by David's whitty humor.

Then the big day arrived, Molly & Greg were united in marriage. It was a day filled with laughter and tears as emotions ran high. And somewhere between dinner and the chicken dance Dave found his own emotions were running wild. As he glanced in Katie's direction across the dance floor he knew he was falling hard for this beautiful bridesmaid with the winning smile. Dave partied hard that night, not wanting the evening or Katie's company to come to an end. Some might argue that his evening never did come to an end... When Dave arrived to the gift opening the following day he was still wearing his tuxedo from the night before and the added accessory of a colorful sombrero! There were many cameras firing that day.. capturing Dave's arrival in colorful form. David though was oblivious to the flashes of light, something much more important was on his mind. As David said himself when he spoke to the grooms' parents.... "I think I'm in love with a bridesmaid. "

Congratulations again Katie & David. It was such a pleasure working with you and your friends/family. I hope you enjoy your long overdue sneak peek.

The flowers were beautiful!



Can you blame Dave for being completely smitten?!? Katie was stunning....



Katie being escorted in by her parents. FYI for all you newly engaged blog readers... Katie's mom is one of the wedding coordinators at St. Maria Goretti. It's always so rewarding when your asked to work for someone who is also an active part of the wedding scene in Madison.





Love this one...


These two are so adorable together...






A little fun with the guys...


The best man's speech was hilarious! A little Beatles' melody with personalized lyrics.


Not to be outdone.. the Maid of Honors's speech complete with illustrations, from the day Dave professed his love for Katie.



One of my favorite father-daughter images ever.... Katie I think Dad needs a copy of this for his desk. :)


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Love those images of the groomsmen.....funny;)