Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome Back!

Yes, yes, welcome back... I know you probably thought this blog was just going to sit and collect dust from here on out but believe it our not, I'm back. Obviously this summer has been difficult for me on a personal level. As a result of having to take some time off from work for family issues I decided to forgo the blog posts for a while and focus on editing only to get my sessions turned around as quickly as possible. I'm finally starting to feel like things are nearly back on track.. so consider this post my official welcome back party. And yes, in case your wondering.. I can totally throw myself a welcome back party... any excuse to party seems viable to me.

Although most of my summer wedding clients have already seen their wedding photos I'm planning to post the highlights of their day here as well. I just have to share the awesome couples that I had the pleasure of photographing this year. They are in one word 'incredible'! Not only do I work with amazing brides and grooms, I also have the delight of working with a lot of great seniors. Our first year in the studio far exceeded our expectations and we photographed THREE times the number of seniors that we did last year! So many wonderful personalities will be graduating in 2010. So until our next post, for your enjoyment here are just a few of the many stunning faces we saw this summer....










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