Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lynda & Mike

Sometimes when your least expecting love it has a way of sneaking up behind you, covering your eyes and making you shriek with shock and excitement. So it was for Lynda. As the mother of five there wasn't much time on her personal calendar to be devoted to dating. Even a night out with the girls was something that was rather unheard of. While family time is certainly a treasure. Being single, particularly during the holidays can weigh on your shoulders like a ton of bricks. In an attempt to escape her sagging shoulders Lynda joined a friend for a night at the Cardinal bar just before New Years.
As the majority of the bar goers prepared for New Years' Eve the following night Lynda and her friend found they had the dance floor much to themselves. Determined to make the most of their night on the town the ladies danced, and danced. Somewhere between the Black Eyed Peas and the classics like Queen a handsome pilot made his way to the dance floor. It didn't take long before Lynda felt the shroud of darkness cover her eyes as love snuck up behind her and filled her ears with laughter and anticipation.

Lynda & Mike it was such a pleasure working with you and your families. Your ceremony was so perfectly intimate and personal... I was honored to be a part of your celebration. I hope you had an amazing time on your trip to British Columbia!

A few of the floral details compliments of Beauty Blossoms




Lynda's eldest daughter was her maid of honor... how cool is that??


I'm not going to lie... I adore this photo. Something about the way Lynda is peeking around the corner watching. Favorite


Once away from mom's watchful eye they brought out the attitude! Okay, so maybe they had a little prompting.... :)




The colors at Olbrich Gardens that day were beautiful...



definitely a favorite.





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