Monday, November 16, 2009

Julie & Peter

She floated around the room tending to everyone's needs, directing traffic and laughing with excitement. She floated from friend to family member and back again soaking in the joy, the excitement, the trueness of her wedding day. As the morning progressed so did her happiness. It grew with each passing moment until it spread clear across her face, from ear to ear. Julie was simply put... content. And she had every right to be. After all she had found Peter and in a few hours they would pledge their love to one another from now until the end of time. Contentment, pure happiness.

To watch Julie and Peter together on their wedding day was to see pure happiness clearly defined. Their smiles and laughter were contagious. And their love, infectious. I wanted nothing more then to cuddle up with my husband and whisper sweet nothings in his ear after spending the day with Julie and Peter. To be a part of their wedding day made you love being in love all that much more. It was truly an honor to play witness to. Congratulations again Julie & Peter.



I'm hoping Julie won't kill me for posting this photo! It just so clearly captures how much fun she was having.. favorite.



Um, yeah... Julie your gorgeous even when your not smiling.


Seriously, they even smiled through the whole service....







I adore this photo... you can just see the immense amount of love in their eyes


And then back to our regularly scheduled program... lots more smiles and laughter


In lew of a cake Julie & Peter had a Culver's turtle sundae bar. They definitely knew the way to this photographers heart!






Cory Chvala said...

You guys looked so cute, I wish we could have been there! We look forward to seeing you both soon!

Kathi Vos said...

Amazing photos that truly captured the love, fun and true essence of the day. Your smiles said it all. It was like a fairy tale come true!
Aunt Kathi

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great! So sorry that we couldn't make it. Best wishes!

Ken & Vanessa Lord

Tara Freidel said...

What beautiful pics from such a georgous wedding!!! Must say...I've added this photographer to my list of things to book...once I get one of those darn rings! Haa! Was an honor to share your special day-Congrats again!