Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Studio Hours

Just a quick note to clients... the studio will be closed this week Thursday November 5th. Due to a scheduling conflict both myself and Jamie will be out of town. The studio will reopen our regularly scheduled hours next week Monday at 10:00 am. I will be out of town until Tuesday so emails and voicemails may not be responded to until my return. If you'd like to reach Jamie at the studio on Monday you can reach her at 608-257-1244.

I will be hitting the road for a long weekend with my husband and his band. They have a couple of gigs in Atlanta and since I have a wedding free weekend I decided to play the role of band groupie. :) In addition to their normal weekend of gigging this trip is unique because they will be doing a photo shoot in Atlanta to promote their recent clothing endorsement with Riejuno. Imagine my excitement when I learned their photographer will be non other then Hannibal Matthews! I am stoked to get a behind the scenes look at Mr. Matthews in action. If your not familiar with his work check out his website.... if your a Reality TV junkie or you like HipHop your sure to recognize some of the celebrities on his site. So until I return I'll work on my hip hop slang and leave you with this photo of a scary monster who recently visited my studio....
Catch you on the flip side. Okay, that's about as hip hop as I go. :)


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