Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darby & Tim

There is a poem by Horace where a well known Latin phrase originates... "Carpe diem" or - Seize the day. If you talked to a hundred people my guess would be that nearly all of them would say this is what they want most from their lives. To Seize the day. No one wants to live a life that's mediocre. Even so we often find ourselves overcome by day to day tasks, family matters, work deadlines and our goals of living a full and rich life are slowly pushed to the side. Only a select few truly live their lives with "carpe diem" as the center stone of their lives. Allow me to introduce you to Darby & Tim.

Hiking, biking, traveling, kayaking, kite boarding, sailing... you name it, Tim & Darby have done it and done it with Gusto. They first met while participating in a study abroad program in Australia nearly a decade ago and they haven't stopped celebrating life together ever since. Darby once told me that in life there are 'fun makers' and there are 'fun takers'.... Tim & Darby are certainly the makers. Within 5 minutes of being in their presence you'll find you simply can't help but smile. Their energy is magnetic. It zaps you with all of it's strength and in no time you'll find you've been inspired.... renewed with a sudden desire to live your life to the fullest possible reaches.

Sunday evening overlooking the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, amongst their friends and family Darby & Tim became husband and wife. They made official what everyone in attendance already knew... that their hearts were forever enter twined with love, compassion and a true dedication to carpe diem. Those not in attendance may question how it took nine years to get to this bluff... but the answer to those who know Darby & Tim best is plainly clear. They were busy living their lives... seizing the day.

Darby & Tim thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. It was such an incredible honor to document the love of two people I consider very dear friends! I hope you had an amazing time on your honeymoon sailing around the Caribbean. Yup.. you heard me right. How rockin is that honeymoon????

So how would you expect the wedding day to start for a couple as active as Tim & Darby? Canoeing??!?! Good guess!


One of the ring bearers and the flowergirl practicing their smiles.


Finishing the canoe trip... don't you just love her shirt? Favorite




Now you might be asking.. is that the bride doing her own hair? Yup... that's right. How many brides do you know that are relaxed enough to do their own hair the day of their wedding???



First meeting.. Tim & Darby saw each other before their ceremony since it was later in the day... I love first meetings. They're so sweet!



Something tells me these guys LOVE their uncle. Favorite





Favorite! Love how this looks tropical... who knew Michigan was so beautiful?


A slightly more vintage feel...


AHH! Just loved this setting... could have photographed there all day.





Location, location, location... check out this ceremony setting.


If this photo doesn't make you smile then you have no heart.. there I said it. Favorite!



Darby you are gawgeous! Seriously you were looking fierce girl!


Tim was looking rather sharp as well!


Yeah how cool is it to make an exit on a chair lift? Favorite!


Tim & Darby's welcome speech included a top 10 list of reasons why you should wait until you're 30 to get married.


The Copper Box Band performed at the dance. If you are in need of a band for your wedding look no further.. these guys are awesome! No one was ready to leave the dance floor when their set came to an end.




And one last favorite from the day. Thanks Darby for requesting this photo!


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful! It was such a wonderful day and you caputured it perfectly!- Leah (bridesmaid)

Anonymous said...

Love, love the pics!! I can't stop looking at them and smiling! :) (and sometimes crying!) SO happy for my lil sis and new bro-in-law! Thanks Jennifer!! :) Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Love em!