Monday, July 26, 2010

Melissa & Sig

Melissa & Sig are the kind of people who don't like to sit still for long. Hiking, biking, blazing new trails... they are always on the go. It's one of the many reasons why they work so well together. Whether it's running a marathon or simply going for a hike on vacation they support and motivate each other in a way that's simply admirable.
So while hiking in Yosemite on a not so distant vacation Melissa had no worries as she followed along in the foot steps Sig was laying out in front of her. Left, right, left right.. they hiked along the mountain side as their footfalls fell in rhythm with their beating hearts. As the day wore on and the hours passed and the sun began to sink in the sky it became apparent that they were lost. With the campsite nowhere in sight Melissa's heart raced and fear swept past the protection of Sig's support and began to pull at the corners of her mind. The darkness soon overtook the sun's last rays and Melissa found her eyes brimming with tears as they finally stepped out of the woods and back safely into their campsite. She turned to Sig to find that he too had tears in his eyes... for Sig though these were not tears of exhaustion or relief, he had some very different thoughts on his mind. It was only then that he pulled the ring from his pocket and asked his hiking partner to spend the rest of her days sharing this adventure of life right there by his side.
Melissa and Sig it was such a pleasure photographing your wedding! You are both such beautiful people inside and out and the incredible weather show we experienced on your wedding day is just further proof of that.

Melissa got ready at her parents home that had these beautiful windows.... and as you can see.. she was stunning!





Love these two! They totally hammed it up for me.


See what I mean about that incredible weather show? For those of you camera nerds.. other then adding a little contrast these outdoor images are basically straight out of the camera. The sky was literally this beautiful!




Definitely one of my new all time favorite photos.. absolutely in LOVE with this image!



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Heather said...

WOW! Look at that blazing sunset! So gorgeous.