Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alanna & Chris

When Chris first started working at UW Hospital as an RN he didn't really know too many people. New job, new city... loads of new opportunities. It was apparent to his coworkers very early on that Chris was a genuinely good guy. A great coworker, confidant and so compassionate with his patients. It was these simple day to day observations that led Lindsey, a fellow nurse to give Chris her dear friend Alanna's phone number. It was her beautiful name that struck Chris first and pushed him to call. Afterall with a name that beautiful how could he go wrong?
They met for their first date December 8th in the midst of a snow storm. They huddled over warm cups of coffee and hot chocolate at Starbucks and talked about life. They warmed their hands on their mugs and disguished their flirtatious blushing of the cheeks with frequent comments about the weather. As the minutes made way into hours and the snow began to cover the steps of the state capital Alanna & Chris began to talk about more then just life, they began to talk about their plans and their life. For it was obvious that from this moment on they would be connected in a way that would draw their separate lives together into one perfect unit.
When I first met Alanna in January she was planning a September wedding. But life threw them a loop and I got a call earlier this year asking me what dates were available to possibly move their wedding forward. Alanna's father is suffering from colon cancer and it was important to them both that he be present and feeling as healthy as possible the day of the wedding. When I heard the reasoning for the move it was pretty much a guarantee that we would make any date necessary work for their wedding. Alanna & Chris I hope that your wedding day was all you dreamed it would be. I'm so very honored to have been a part of your day!







a private moment.. favorite!




Everytime I look at this photo I once again crave brushetta from Bellinis... so good!



I absolutely am in LOVE with this photo of Alanna & her father! I think it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway... favorite!


Alanna had Chris' ring engraved...


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Heather said...

The shoe photo is just so beautiful! It's ethereal, like a dream or surreal piece of art. :)