Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sarah & Jeremy

When Sarah first met Jeremy there was just something about him that drew her in. He was charming, attentive, and he had beautiful deep warm eyes. But if you ask me what it was that drew Sarah in I would say it definitely had to be the blue hair. Huh? What? Your probably asking yourself did I read that right? Yup. When Sarah and Jeremy first met Jeremy had a full head of blue hair. The stories differ at this point... was it a lost bet, a dare, or simply a fashion trend that never fully caught on? Doesn't really matter. All possibilities point to the same fact.. that Jeremy has a colorful personality. And it's that genuine, make you laugh right down to the core of your stomach personality that drew Sarah in on that very first day and has kept her there ever since. And boy do these two like to laugh! They smiled, giggled like school children and belly laughed there way through a warm summer Saturday as they exchanged vows in front of their closest friends and family members.

Sarah & Jeremy it was such a pleasure spending the day with you two. Thank you for making us laugh and for being so relaxed as the craziness of the day unfolded! Congratulations again!



No this really shouldn't come as any surprise after hearing the blue hair story... it also happens to be one of my favorites!










At the reception the groomsmen changed into colorful Chuckies... love it!


Ending the evening with some fun in Celebrations photo booth!



Sarah said...

Haha! We did have the BEST time on our wedding day! Love, love, love the pictures!

Corey said...

Beautiful photos!!